DISCOVER a better way to manage specialty drugs.

Specialty is Different

Over 50% of prescription drug spend is on 2% of patients with chronic illness.
It’s time for a new approach tailored to the unique needs of specialty patients.

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30 percent

Average client first year savings

Leading the Industry in Specialty Trend Management

We are setting the bar for effective specialty drug management providing sustainable cost control and true clinical care.

Discover how Archimedes is providing significant, ongoing savings for our clients that is unmatched in the industry.

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We are Challenging the Status Quo

Discover how Archimedes is disrupting the outdated PBM model for managing specialty drugs.

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We Believe in Aligning Interests

We make 100% of our revenue from fees paid by our clients, which means we serve the best interest of our clients and no one else – not the pharmaceutical manufacturers, not the pharmacies – no one.

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Eliminate conflicts of interest, align our interests with that of our clients
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Technology platforms to identify waste; transparent client reporting
Real Savings
Always promoting lowest net cost to generate measurable reductions in spend
Uncompromising rigor in our coverage approach and clinical programs
Value-Based Coverage
Uncompromising rigor in our coverage approach and clinical programs

Pharmacy is Only Part of the Picture

Medical specialty drugs make up 40% of the specialty drug spend.

Archimedes offers unparalleled solutions to address the unique challenges of specialty drugs covered under the medical benefit.

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Specialty Drug Spend – pharmacy benefit: 60% medical benefit: 40%

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The New Standard for Specialty
Drug Management Technology

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Learn how Archimedes can help you address the rising cost of specialty medications across the medical and pharmacy benefits.

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