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Archimedes Announces Launch of MEDiQ, a Next Generation Solution for Managing Specialty Drugs under the Medical Benefit.

August 2021

BRENTWOOD, TN, August 10, 2021 – Archimedes, a recognized leader in specialty drug management solutions, announced the launch of MEDiQ, a comprehensive, second-generation solution for employers to manage specialty drugs under the medical benefit.  Medical specialty drugs represent approximately 40% of specialty drug spend and include some of the highest cost orphan drugs and gene therapies, yet these drugs are often minimally managed and have limited employer visibility through the medical benefit.

“MEDiQ represents the next step in our journey to enable employers to provide an affordable medical specialty drug benefit, bringing together our learnings from years of experience in offering medical management programs and reflecting the latest economics for site of care and channel management to deliver a compelling ROI for employers,” said Dr. Brenda Motheral, CEO and Co-Founder of Archimedes.

MEDiQ includes robust clinical management solutions, billing error management, site of care and channel optimization, a health economics coverage platform, and a comprehensive program for supply chain optimization.  MEDiQ is powered by a proprietary technology that provides state-of-the-art algorithms for identifying waste on medical specialty drugs that has been further expanded to incorporate advanced decision support and case management reflecting the unique characteristics of medical specialty patients and their claims.

“The savings are meaningful and immediate; and unlike many benefits, MEDiQ can be implemented at any point during the year, offering employers flexibility to begin generating savings without having to wait for a new plan year”, says Heather Sundar, Executive Vice President of Medical Management for Archimedes.

Employers who are interested in learning more about MEDiQ can contact Archimedes at


About Archimedes

Archimedes is the industry leader in specialty drug management solutions. Founded with the goal of transforming the PBM industry to provide the necessary ingredients for the sustainability of the prescription drug benefit – alignment, value and transparency – Archimedes achieves superior results for clients by eliminating tightly held PBM conflicts of interest including drug spread, rebate retention and pharmacy ownership and delivering the most rigorous clinical management at the lowest net cost.

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